Signal: messenger facing bitcoin integration?

Messaging services and cryptocurrencies: What fits together on paper because of the anonymity requirement alone, has not been able to write a success story in practice so far. Facebook’s cryptocurrency, which has been renamed Diem, has so far Bitcoin Trader fallen foul of the regulators. All the more surprising, then, are the rumours about the new star in the messaging sky: Signal.


Alongside the well-known messaging services WhatsApp and Telegram, the anonymous messenger Signal is currently experiencing a hype. As Platfomer editor Casey Newton has learned from internal sources, the number of users has risen from 20 to currently 40 million in just one month. The growth is primarily due to new guidelines at the competitor WhatsApp. WhatsApp users were given an ultimatum. If they did not agree to the guidelines, which allow companies to send messages to users in future, in an original version by 8 February, the app was to be deactivated.


Although Facebook has already postponed the entry into force of the new regulations until May, the move triggered a wave of indignation. Since then, users have increasingly turned to alternatives that still emphasise the anonymity requirement – such as Signal.


The Signal app is likely to experience a further growth spurt if what is currently still doing the rounds as a rumour proves to be true. The integration of cryptocurrency in the messaging services is allegedly being prepared in the background. Although still denied by the official side, according to Casey Newton, the personnel of Marlinspike, CEO of Signal Messenger LLC, speaks in favour of this.


Marlinspike has served as an advisor to MobileCoin, a cryptocurrency built on the Stellar blockchain that aims to make payments easy and secure – and potentially impossible to track.


Crypto integration, he says, is the logical next step. Although Marlinspike is still playing it cool and only admits that „design explorations“ have been carried out with a possible crypto connection, former employees are said to have confirmed concrete plans to Newton. For example, considerable „engineering resources“ are said to have been spent on MobileCoin integration in recent quarters. What is true about the rumours will probably become clear in the coming months.


Translated with (free version) Partners With To Offer Exclusive Discounts

The platform (CRO) has just concluded a partnership with the travel giant app users will be able to benefit from discounts of up to 25% of the cost of their hosting. collaborates with

The platform begins the year 2021 with a major announcement, the conclusion of a partnership with the travel giant . According to the statement , users will be able to book accommodation through the app, and take advantage of significant discounts.

Without giving further details at the moment, assures that users who make reservations on through the app will be able to benefit from discounts of up to 25% of the total cost . The percentage will certainly depend on the number of CRO tokens held by the user. users now have exclusive access to over 28 million discounted hosting listings:

“In 2020, our Visa card program has grown to be the most widely distributed card in its class, and we know that travel benefits are in high demand,” said Kris Marszalek, CEO and co -founder of

Kris Marszalek adds that now serves more than 5 million users worldwide, and that this partnership with is only the first in a long series to come this year.

For, offering such discounts to its users is a big step forward, which will undoubtedly give it greater visibility in the ecosystem.

Although the health situation is still blocking the travel sector today, is taking the lead and will offer a 100% operational service as soon as the situation is restored.

The opportunity to acquire a crypto-card?

To this very interesting advantage are added those of the crypto-cards of, with which it is possible to obtain from 1 to 8% of cashback on his expenses, according to the model. In addition, by ordering a card from the Metal range, each user is eligible for a bonus of $ 25 transferred to the application’s wallet.

All crypto-cards in the Metal range are eligible for this offer, the first being Ruby Steel . To obtain it, all you have to do is deposit 2,500 CRO tokens on the platform, or nearly € 125 at the time of writing. This card gives a 2% cashback on all purchases, in addition to the refund of a Spotify subscription.

At the same time, using the Jade Green and Royal Indigo crypto-cards (25,000 CROs deposited), their holders can have free access to all airport lounges around the world. An advantage that accumulates rather well with the discounts on greatly enhances the services offered to its users, and they can prepare now to travel at a reduced price as soon as the health situation is acceptable again.

Bitcoin ahora vale la mitad de toda la plata del mundo

Con una capitalización de mercado de casi $ 780 mil millones, Bitcoin actualmente vale la mitad de toda la plata que se haya extraído. Según los datos de Infinite Market Cap, Bitcoin también ha superado a los gigantes tecnológicos Facebook, Tencent y Alibaba en términos de capitalización de mercado, así como a Berkshire Hathaway de Warren Buffett.

Facebook, Tencent y Alibaba destronados al reunir Bitcoin

El último repunte de Bitcoin ha empujado su precio más allá de los $ 40,000, ayudándolo a alcanzar su máximo histórico. Sin embargo, con la mayor parte del mundo ahora enfocada en el aumento de precios, la creciente capitalización de mercado de Bitcoin ha pasado desapercibida.

Con una capitalización de mercado de $ 779,85 mil millones, Bitcoin es el noveno activo más grande del mundo. La criptomoneda más grande del mundo ha superado a Facebook , cuya capitalización de mercado de $ 755 mil millones la convierte en el décimo activo más grande y la sexta compañía de tecnología más grande del mundo.

La compañía de tecnología china Tencent también se ubica por debajo de Bitcoin con una capitalización de mercado de poco más de $ 706 mil millones, mientras que el gigante mundial del comercio electrónico Alibaba ocupa el puesto 12 con una capitalización de mercado de $ 629,33 mil millones.

Bitcoin también ha superado a Berkshire Hathaway, la compañía de inversiones y participación más grande del mundo fundada por el inversionista multimillonario Warren Buffett. Según los datos de Infinite Market Cap, Berkshire Hathaway es el activo trece más grande del mundo con una capitalización de mercado de 547.000 millones de dólares.

La capitalización de mercado de Bitcoin es la mitad de toda la plata existente

Y aunque se necesitarán muchas más corridas alcistas para empujar a Bitcoin más allá del oro, su creciente capitalización de mercado se vuelve aún más impresionante en comparación con materias primas como la plata.

En su capitalización de mercado actual, Bitcoin vale la mitad de toda la plata del mundo. Según Infinite Market Cap, hasta ahora se han extraído 1,7 millones de toneladas métricas de plata, a un precio de alrededor de $ 26 por vez, lo que sitúa su capitalización de mercado en alrededor de $ 1,43 billones.

Incluso teniendo en cuenta el hecho de que el cálculo de la capitalización de mercado no tiene en cuenta la cantidad de plata que se ha perdido o destruido o la cantidad de bitcoins que han desaparecido para siempre, los datos solo solidifican aún más la posición de Bitcoin en el mercado.

Esto también significa que una vez que Bitcoin alcance un precio de $ 80,000, su capitalización de mercado será mayor que la capitalización de mercado actual de la plata.

Il Kenya imporrà una tassa dell’1,5% sulle transazioni crypto

Il Kenya imporrà una tassa dell’1,5% sulle transazioni crypto

A inizio anno è entrata in vigore in Kenya la Digital Service Tax, che impone un nuovo regime fiscale per le criptovalute

La Digital Service Tax, o DST, è entrata in vigore in Kenya all’inizio del 2021. La DST fa parte del rinnovato Finance Act del 2020 ed è perlopiù focalizzato sul mercato dei servizi digitali.

In base alle disposizioni del nuovo regime fiscale, le transazioni e-market (inclusi i pagamenti in criptovaluta) presentano ora un’imposta dell’1,5%.

Reginald Alango, un rappresentante del Kenya presso Crypto Engine l’exchange di criptovalute peer-to-peer Bitzlato, ha spiegato a Cointelegraph che la nuova politica fiscale prevede una tassa dell’1,5% sul valore di transazione lordo di ogni vendita crypto.

Commentando il potenziale impatto della misura sull’adozione crypto nel paese, Alango ha affermato:

“Per quanto riguarda l’impatto negativo sull’adozione crypto in Kenya, non credo sarà significativo in quanto ci sono molti altri fattori che stanno spingendo la rapida crescita delle crypto in Africa orientale e i giovani sono in prima linea. Tuttavia, è ancora troppo presto per fare previsioni: è un aspetto che potrà essere monitorato dopo il primo trimestre del 2021.”

Secondo la Kenyan Revenue Authority, o KRA, la DST costituirà il pagamento dell’imposta finale per non residenti e compagnie non domiciliate nel paese. I residenti e le compagnie con sedi in Kenya vedranno i propri pagamenti della DST compensati a fronte delle imposte sul reddito riscosse durante l’anno.

I legislatori kenioti sostengono che la nuova politica fiscale non influenzerà particolarmente le startup nel settore dei servizi digitali

Inoltre, la KRA ha indicato che la DST garantirà che le imprese straniere paghino parte dei loro profitti nel Paese al governo.

La nuova normativa colloca il Kenya tra le nazioni che applicano ufficialmente tasse sulle transazioni crypto. Tuttavia, le criptovalute non hanno ancora ottenuto nessuno status giuridico nel Paese.

Secondo Alango, la nuova legge fa ben poco per promuovere il riconoscimento ufficiale delle crypto in Kenya:

“Molte cose devono essere considerate per la legalizzazione delle criptovalute in Kenya, e attualmente la banca centrale del Kenya non le riconosce sebbene il mercato Bitcoin kenyota sia al terzo posto tra i paesi africani.”

La mancanza di uno status giuridico ben definito per le criptovalute in Kenya è un sintomo della lentezza delle normative crypto nel continente. A parte gli avvertimenti emessi nel 2018 da varie banche centrali quando il settore ha iniziato ad attirare attenzione in tutto il mondo, non sono stati molti i progressi verso la legalizzazione delle valute virtuali nella regione.

Tuttavia, mentre le transazioni crypto diventano più popolari, la banca centrale del Kenya starebbe esplorando la possibilità di creare una valuta digitale sovrana.