Block Revenue Soars in 2022: Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Faith Remains Strong

• Jack Dorsey’s Block posted strong growth revenue and profits for the fourth quarter of 2022 due to its Cash App digital wallet protocol.
• Bitcoin suffered a loss of more than 70 percent in value throughout 2022, causing an overall loss of $2 trillion in crypto valuation.
• Despite this, Cash App recorded a 64 percent boost in overall gains, suggesting crypto use didn’t die down within the company’s customer walls.

Jack Dorsey’s Block Posts Heavy Bitcoin Revenues in 2022

Nick Marinoff · March 28, 2023 · 5:00 pm Bitcoin and other forms of digital currency may have been hit hard pricewise over the last 13 months, but Block – the payment company formerly known as Square and started by ex-Twitter head Jack Dorsey – has posted strong growth revenue and profits for the fourth quarter of 2022 primarily thanks to its Cash App digital wallet protocol.

Bitcoin Suffers Worst Year On Record in 2022

Bitcoin suffered its worst year on record in 2022. The world’s number one digital currency by market cap rose to a new all-time high of about $68,000 per unit at the end of 2021, and everyone truly thought the currency was on top of the financial ladder and could never be brought down. Boy, were they wrong! From there, the currency began a series of price dips that ultimately saw it end 2022 in the mid-$16K range, thus having lost more than 70 percent of its overall value. It was a sad and ugly sight to see, but things didn’t quite stop there. Many additional cryptocurrencies – including Ethereum – decided to follow in BTC’s footsteps, and by the time they were all done traveling through the doldrums, the crypto space had lost more than $2 trillion in overall valuation.

Block Sees Strong Profits Despite Crypto Market Downturn

The good news is that while the price of bitcoin and various other digital currencies may have suffered greatly, this didn’t stop people from exchanging, trading, or using crypto, and the profits recorded by Block are legitimate proof of this. The company posted more than $1.6 billion in gross profit during the final three months of 2022. This was up nearly 40 percent from the $1.2 billion posted at the end of 2021. In addition, revenue stood at $4.65 billion