TRON network under attack, much to Justin Sun’s delight

The TRON network suffered an attack during its recent update. And the creator of the project, Justin Sun, took the opportunity to self-promote …

TRON network attack yesterday

The attack was announced by the boss of TRON in a Twitter thread posted yesterday . Justin Sun explains that the network was attacked by a hacker as the mainnet updated to version 4.1 :

“This attack used the authority that was given to the contract developer. The attacker initiated malicious transactions, which forced the “super representatives” to suspend production of the blocks .“

As a reminder, the super representatives, numbering 27, are the people or entities that manage the TRON blockchain. They are the ones who produce the new blocks and who validate them. The TRON network is widely criticized for its centralization considered excessive because of their reduced number. On the other hand, “Super Representatives” are supposed to be elected by the TRON community, but in fact Justin Sun himself has used his funds to place his friends and businesses like Poloniex.

The centralization of the network still in question

It is not known what exactly the attacker was looking to do. Justin Sun explains that it was about stealing funds. The founder of TRON casts a self promotion in passing:

“As the most active blockchain in the industry , the attacker sought to profit from the suspension of production of the blocks. The TRON community responded immediately, however, locating the problem and fixing it immediately, while working with the Super Reps to update the nodes. “

The TRON network was offline for about two hours and then returned to normal. Justin Sun confirms that the TRON attack did not affect users‘ TRXs, and that all funds are safe.

The founder of TRON therefore draws an exaggerated conclusion to say the least:

“[TRON] withstood this massive attack once again, proving that the TRON network is the decentralized network with the most resilience and the best defense capabilities in the industry ! „

The analysis is however shared by fans of TRON, whose quality of memes will be left to you to judge:

Effects on the price of TRX

Following this attack, the price of TRX experienced a fairly marked fall. Over the last 24 hours, it has lost more than 10% and is currently trading against 0.023 dollar, whereas it exceeded 0.027 dollar a week ago.

That Justin Sun chose to turn an attack on the TRON network into a marketing opportunity is hardly a surprise. This shows, however, that TRX fans are ready to bypass the centralization of the network in order to follow its creator to the end …

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