Wildcard NFT Game Launches on Polygon – Play, Watch and Win NFTs!

• Paul Bettner, the co-creator of popular mobile game Words With Friends is launching his Web3 game Wildcard on February 23rd as part of „Melee on the Meteor“.

• Wildcard is a competitive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where players can compete for NFT awards and engage in virtual battles in Frostburn Arena.

• The launch was funded by a $46M investment by Playful Studios which was co-led by Paradigm, Griffin Gaming Partners and Sabrina Hahn.

Paul Bettner’s Upcoming MOBA Game: Wildcard

Paul Bettner, a seasoned video game producer who co-created the popular mobile game Words With Friends and contributed to the creation of the iconic Age of Empires franchise, has been working on his Web3 game Wildcard for more than five years. Finally prepared to share it with the world, he is now.

„Melee On The Meteor“ Launch Event

The launch of the first Wildcard public playtest is scheduled for February 23 as part of an occasion called „Melee on the Meteor.“ The game is a competitive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game similar to hits like League of Legends and Dota 2, which Bettner claims was created with spectators in mind. Using the Ethereum scaling network Polygon, Wildcard offers Web3 integration, player-versus-player (PvP) games, virtual NFT cards, and real-time strategy (RTS) components.

„Frostburn Arena“ Virtual Battles

Viewers may watch from inside the in-game 3D arena as two characters engage in a massive brawl during „Melee on the Meteor“ and even earn NFT awards. The battle will take place in a virtual arena dubbed Frostburn Arena.


„Wildcard Swag“ NFT Airdrops & First Full-Fledged NFT Collection

Bettner said, in an interview with Decrypt that: Web3 is the technology that enables us to create an experience where the competitor can literally share incentives with their supporters live throughout the stream. Two community testers will compete against one another in the first public Wildcard showcase. These testers were selected from the server’s Discord, which has over 30,000 verified users. Brycent and Cryptostache, two Web3 content producers, will square off in second round and winners of first two rounds will compete in third round.

< p >Viewers will be able to follow matches via game’s Discord server and may be eligible to win „Wildcard Swag,“ a type of NFT collectible airdrop or allowlist access to mint game’s first full fledged NFT card collection which does not yet have set release date for general public.

< p >Bettner raised $46 million 2022 under his Playful Studios label deal that was co led by Paradigm ,Griffin Gaming Partners ,and VC fund manager Sabrina Hahn .Wildcard now prepared its first momentous showcase .